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Favorite YouTube Videos

I am sharing a list of helpful videos from YouTube that have been a big deal for me—finding great resources or answers can be tedious, especially if you are trying to do a task or a project. So finding solutions can be quite tricky. It may sound like repetitive what I am sharing here. Still, it is essential to note that sometimes there is a lot of videos out there that sometimes are not useful as you think. What I love about YouTube is that you can pretty much find videos from how to delete the browsing history on my phone to the uses of lemons, etc. My go-to person is not my friend or my neighbor or my family; well, this is subjective to the situation. I go to Google, Bing, or YouTube to help me when I need to find out how to do something. It is kind of crazy, but it is incredible the many videos, articles written by people to provide help. Please note these videos have been beneficial for me, but like always do your research. I just thought of sharing my list because they have been fantastic in helping me find quick and useful answers. I am not kidding. I have bookmarked all the videos and go back if I need to reference them. PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION