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My Favorite Tools

Building or creating anything requires resources and tools.

I hope these resources are helpful for your online business. I have found them to be very helpful to me while I was creating my website. I am so amazed at all the incredible free services that are helpful for any project you are creating. Enjoy a cup of tea or your favorite drink and read on.  Page Under Construction, more resources are coming soon.

Free Images

Pexels is an excellent site for free images. You can download pictures without having to create an account. You
can also specify the size for any image you are downloading. Check them out; you will enjoy their free service.

Pixabay is another excellent site for free images. You can sign up for free or download pictures without an account. I have downloaded pictures here, and they are beautiful.

Resizing Images

Picresize a great resource to resize Images is free. I have used it many times with success.

Image Optimization 

ShortPixel is a service to compress images; it has different options depending on the type of compression you are looking for.

Shorting Long Links 

Bitly is a free resource to shorten links, and you can use it to post them into social media. I started to use it and create it most of my affiliate links to track the clicks, and also to have shorter links so I can post in my social
media accounts.